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About the Podcast

The Priorities Podcast
Presented By WITH Wellness
This is a podcast designed to normalize joy by destigmatizing wellness. In the midst of unprecedented times, we find ourselves questioning what really matters. Are we spending our time and energy on things and with people who fill us or deplete us? Are we centering what and who brings us joy?

We know, particularly for traditionally marginalized communities, that the word wellness can seem convoluted, mysterious, and inaccessible. However, in an attempt to simplify, we believe that the heart and core of wellness is joy. When we align ourselves with joy, then we are positioning ourselves to live a well and whole life.

But in a world filled with ongoing and insurmountable stressors, demands, and responsibilities, how do we begin to prioritize, l mean like for real prioritize, who and what matters most to us?

We're going to bring expertise from leading and authentic wellness voices who will share learnings inspired by real-world stories. However, know this truth– no one can answer that priority question for you, but with this podcast, we can journey WITH you to find out. Let's learn and be well together.